Another b&w of Blake.


I tried out some b&w in photoshop…it looks pretty good on him, eh?

I’m finally getting around to uploading my 850+ followers gift! Thank you all for being my simblr friends. This is a small token of my appreciation! 

The Lexington Ridge

Lot size:  40x40

Furnished Price:  $119,903

4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

The floor plan I used as a reference can be found right here.

I uploaded an unfurnished as well as a furnished version. I tried so hard to keep the furnished version “lightly furnished” and with minimal cc. All I can say is I tried, lol. There really isn’t much CC, but somehow the file size is still massive. I apologize for slow download times.

The bedrooms (except for the master bedroom) are all empty. Also, the upstairs is totally empty. You can build whatever you want up there.

Most cc should be included, but some will probably not be. If something you really want/need is missing, feel free to message me with wcif’s. I didn’t make any of the cc, credits go to the wonderful creators! I also have most stuff packs and all EP’s except for Supernatural, Uni, and ITF, so there may be some items from these as well. If you don’t like the idea of some cc not showing up, you can just download the unfurnished version.

Please don’t re-upload and/or claim this lot as your own creation!

Download (furnished)

Download (unfurnished)

I actually got around to opening my Aurora Skies save the other day. Here’s a random shot of the backyard at sunset. Of course Lou Dog is swimming in the pool again. 

1 week ago | 17

One more shot of the nameless sim that I just created.

This kind of looks like an ad for a skincare product or something, haha.

1 week ago | 12

heavensims replied to your photoset “New sim. I don’t have a name for her yet. I just wanted an excuse to…”

Your sims are always so gorgeous! I am keeping my fingers (and maybe my toes, ssshhhh) crossed that you’ll do a sim dump one day. :D

Thank you! ^__^  And actually I do intend to start putting more of my sims up for download! The poor things lead really sad lives in my game… all I’ve done lately is hoard them all in a 64x64 world that I cleverly dubbed ‘sims factory’ and take pictures of them. I’m not the only one….right? heh 

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New sim. I don’t have a name for her yet. I just wanted an excuse to try out this lovely starfruit skin and procrastinate on my follower gift for a while longer. XD

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I think I like the walk-out basement of the new house even better than the old one. I decorated it with the same rustic style as the old one because obviously it’s my favorite style! 

Plus look at this hottie chillin’ on the sofa. Mmmm, yes.

Tried on some wedding dresses today. This is one that I really loved!

And I just realized these are the first pictures I’ve ever posted of myself.

Leah spam.

2 weeks ago | 21

Just messing around with Leah’s makeup.

2 weeks ago | 32

I found this head shot of Kane that I never posted. Me likes. ;)

heavensims asked:
I know it's a super old post but I was wondering if you might remember where you got the spring dress and pattern from this post: /post/37239477558?

The dress is from Anibus, I found it at MTS right here. And the pattern is by simsinspring and can be found right here.

Sorry it took me a while to reply. I haven’t gotten around to starting my game in a while because we finally have our first bout of warm weather in Minnesota and I’ve been outside enjoying it!

2 weeks ago | 2

Sitting in the backyard with my fiance enjoying the sunset tonight. Bet you can’t even tell we got 10 inches of snow 2 days ago! Lol gotta love spring in Minnesota!