Unedited build mode screenshots of a house I’m working on.

Doing his homework again.

Kane’s new bedroom. I kind of love it.

Tristan is now a toddler. I can’t stand playing infants. ew.

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It’s a boy! His name is Tristan, and these will be the only two pictures of him as an infant because no. Just no. 

Kate finally went into labor. Ryan and Kane gathered around her and just flailed around in a panic until the baby was born. Well done boys, well done.

Back/ side profile appreciation post featuring Tristan :p

This is Tristan, Ryan and Kate’s second son (Kane is their first). He was literally just born in my game, but this is what he will be when he grows up.  asdlkfjasdlkfj

Random follower gift! I present to you 4 sims of mine that I’m releasing as base sims.

Do whatever the hell you want with them. Use them as a base and tweak the hell out them, or keep them exactly as they are. Go nuts! Just please don’t re-upload them anywhere in their original form, especially pay sites.

They are available in both .sim and .sims3pack format.

CC credits are as follows. I did the best I could with finding stuff, but if something isn’t listed it’s probably because I couldn’t figure out where I got it. Also I used a lot of custom sliders so beware of that before you make changes.

And now for the goodies…

- Download Colin -  {.sim }  {.sims3pack } 

- Download Bailey{.sim }  {.sims3pack }

- Download Luke -  {.sim }  {.sims3pack }

- Download Hazel - {.sim }  {.sims3pack }

- Download ALL -

Happy simming!

I sort of love this little nook. So does kitteh.  ^__^

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I tried to persuade EA via live chat to send me a copy of the demo. Of course I was not successful, but it was worth a shot anyhow. Lol

The stargazing interaction is one of the cutest in my opinion. XD

I aged Kane up to a child because I get bored with toddlers. He was a hideous monster at first, so I tweaked him to the max in cas and here is the result. I’m not great at child sims but whatever.

The first thing he did after aging up was go into the dining room and do homework.